Why should I consider an Initial Nutrition Consult?

Patients are seen for Nutritional Consultations for a variety of reasons. There are athletes both professional and amateur that are striving for peak performance or suffering from disorganized supplementation and general nutrition. There are patients that have specific health concerns regarding specific organ functions, i.e. thyroid and adrenal. Also patients that are searching for help to create a wellness lifestyle and are confused with the overload of piecemeal nutrition information. And one of the greatest needs amongst two-thirds of my patients is weight loss.

What does an Initial Nutritional Consultation include?

When your Initial Nutritional Consultation is scheduled, the office staff will book your appointment one-two weeks out. The appointment will take 1 hour.

You will be emailed the following forms:

  • 7 day food log to record everything that goes into your mouth.
  • Secure link to take a System Survey which will take 20 minutes to fill out online in the comfort of your own home.
  • If you do not have recent bloodwork (within 6 months) we will provide a requisition for blood work which will include an extended Thyroid Panel, CBC, Metabolic Panel, Urinalysis and complete Lipid panel to be completed at Lab Corp.

All of the above should be completed in advance of your scheduled appointment time and brought to the office at your initial appointment for Dr. Reid review. If you are unable to have everything completed prior to your first visit, we will get you rescheduled for a later date.

Dr. Reid will test the following:

  • Blood Pressure, pulse and respiration
  • Percent of Body Fat
  • Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Chapman Reflexes (Functional Organ test)
  • Zinc test (Determines your zinc level)
  • Other testing appropriate for your individual case

After completion of the testing and review of data that has been collected, Dr. Reid will formulate an individually designed protocol to meet your specific needs and organ systems that require support. Specific food/diet recommendations will be made after reviewing your food log. Patient will be re-evaluated in 2-4 weeks depending on your specific situation.

What can I expect?

Our patients receive more than just pain relief from their appointments; they also learn how to prevent future injuries from happening as well as how to improve their overall health through our holistic health and wellness services.

Relief from acute chronic pain

Get relief from chronic pain within a few months and resume tasks that were previously hard to do.


Better sleep

No more sleepless nights where you’re suffering from discomfort and pain. You’ll also uncover how eating and lifestyle changes promote a good night’s sleep.


Enhanced mobility

With the release of tension in problematic areas like your lower back, you experience improved mobility.


Better energy levels

Our patients have improved their energy levels by restoring the range of motion in their bodies coupled with better nutrition and lifestyle changes.


Reduced diseases and illness

Through our deep investigative process, we dive deep into the root cause of diseases and illnesses and provide effective health solutions.


Improved mental well-being

Because our patients achieve massive health benefits, they become happier people who perform better in their careers and show up more for their families.